A Taste of Howth

Being from the Caribbean I’d like to think I’m a water baby,I love water and I love to be beside it alt20130719-195855.jpghough my swimming doesn’t represent that.

Like I said I was going to have a day out in Howth. So I’ll start telling you about my shenanigans . I got the 31 Bus to Howth summit and decided we’d take one of the paths that leads you close enough to Balscadden Bay on the foot of the hill. One of the main reasons I like this walk is because of the views which are simply breath-taking.


When you follow it up with a seafood feast well then that’s a perfect day. And this leads me on to Octopussy Restaurant on the West Pier which specialises in Seafood Tapas. There is nothing like eating fresh seafood beside the sea and on a sunny day the group of seafood restaurants which includes The Brass Monkey and The Oar house (2 of my favourites) can rival any restaurant on the Mediterranean.

20130719-195336.jpgBack to Octopussy. I had this a few weeks ago and I would recommend it to anyone. For €14.95 you could have their shellfish platter which consists of langoustine, Dublin Bay prawns, and crab claws. Although I’m shellfish mad I would suggest you have a look at the special boards as it’s the catch of the day. The staff are lovely and are more that happy to talk you through the menu. . I heard a tourist advisor telling tourist that Beshoff’s is the go to place in Howth, I was shocked . Nothing wrong with fish and chips but really is that all there is in Howth. She’s obviously never been.

To end this day out I went to The Dog House Blues Tea Room. This Quirky Gem of a place is on the left hand side when approaching Howth train station. I had a pot of chai tea which for €3.25 was value for money. When attended to the service was friendly if not slow, but sure your on your holidays.


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