The Wax Museum

I’ve been promising to bring my little sister Annalise aged 10 on a day out for about a month now but for whatever reason I’ve never got around to it. So today was D-day and she has insisted on writing this blog up herself as it looks better from a kids point of view apparently.

20130815-201711.jpg I woke up today knowing that my sister had somethingplanned for us to do. But when I looked out of the window today I was a bit disheartened to see that it was raining. I was waiting for a phone call for her to tell me our day was cancelled. I did get a phone call instead I was told to get ready.She arrived to tell me we were going to The Wax Museum, I wasn’t very excited to be honest.

At the beginning of the tour we saw Poets and Authors. I remembered Oscar Wilde who my sister said had a very colourful life. Next was Irish history. I loved this, I learned about the famine, the war between Britain and Ireland and the people such as Michael Collins and Thomas Clarke who changed Irish History.I thought the man who was telling the story sounded a lot like father Ted.


Next it was onto the room of horrors aaaaghh. This room had Frankenstein and Dracula and some pretty gross stuff. Did you know the author of Dracula is actually Irish so cool. Twilight had to start somewhere eh!!

The room with all the famous people was cool but I didn’t think some of them belonged there I won’t name any names. I though Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Yoda were cool. Hello where was Rihanna?

Highlight : Room of Horrors

Lowpoints: We didn’t have an umbrella 😦


We went to this cool place for lunch called The Mongolian barbeque where you get a choice of 1 meat, noodles a load of veg, spices and sauces. Then this man with 2 giant chopsticks cooks them right in front of you. I thought this was delicious. And I am a FUSSY eater.


By the time we left the rain had stopped and as I walked through Temple Bar I saw the coolest name for a cafe (The Badass cafe). It was time for Ice Cream which we had in Botticelli’s .

I had a great time out with my older sis TCDub. Thanks for reading Annalise Curran. Check out my facebook page (Caribbean united).

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