Da Mimmo


I have a bumpy relationship with Italian food. Simply because I’ve had more bad meals than I care to remember. From doughy pizzas, over cooked pasta and reheated lasagne the list goes on and on. To me the nicest Italian meal are always the simplest. I mean the best, freshest ingredients cooked simply.

For a catch up with my grandad I settled on a midweek meal. I was in the mood for an Italian and Da Mimmo in North Strand was my chosen restaurant.

On entering the cosy restaurant We were guided to our seat by a bubbly Italian waitress.

To Start we ordered

Bruschetta and Garlic bread with mozzarella. Did I say the bread was homemade oh Lordy. It was Divine. Although to even contemplate eating the main we both had to stop short of finishing the starter.


We were recommended the half bottle of Merlot which was perfect as I was driving .

To follow
I had the seafood tagliatelle and my grandad had chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with roasted cubed potatoes.

My tagliatelle was just beautiful and when I read le Mare I didn’t expect the whole sea to be on my plate but there it was if was. The muscles, clams, prawns, shrimp and squid was the perfect accompaniment to one of the nicest pasta I have ever tasted.

The chicken was cooked perfectly and it felt the mushroom sauce was infused into it. I couldn’t fault it at all. The accompanying roasted potatoes (which I’ve tasted elsewhere ) were delicious and flavoursome .

To end..
I rarely have three courses at a restaurant and pudding is usually the course I leave out but they did have traditional Italian deserts such as Tiramisu, Panna cotta and Italian hot chocolate. I spied the Tiramisu being ate by another customer and it looked delicious.

I ended with an espresso and my grandad had an Americano.

My thoughts..
It was gems just like Di Mimmo that made me want to start blogging about Dublin in the first place. These affordable restaurant whose sole focus on quality invites you to get a genuine representation of their product. Tonight I fell in love with Italy it and it didn’t cost me the earth.

The portions as I was told are Italian sized. The pizzas look like they a worth a try seem to do a lot of take outs.

Note: I’d advise you to always book a table as this restaurant seats 20 max.

Www. Damimmo.ie


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