Ryan’s Parkgate st /F.X. Buckley

Here goes….anybody from Dublin North would know that Fx Buckley sausages are up there with Super Quinn’s … Controversial !! Seriously a bit of cheeky banter while buying meat is always up there in my books.

The last few weeks I’ve been having cravings for red meat, and whatever the body wants the body gets. Fx Buckley upstairs in Ryan’s of Parkgate St.
was a recommendation ( thanks Donal) and I have to say I was ashamed I was never in it before. We went for the value meal of course where you get 3 courses for €26 +€4.5 if you chose steak.

I wanted a simple feast so I started with the chicken wings, these were fleshy and on the right side of crispy the sauce was tangy but not over powering. Ok I’ll leave the chicken wings but I felt I have to live up to my cliché yes I am black and I know a good piece of chicken when I see it.


Ronan had the muscles in a white wine and cream sauce. It was divine. I swear I want to visit the gym these bad boys go to because they were huge. All joking aside they were lovely.


To follow..
We both order the rib eye, Ronan medium rare and mine rare .I’m so fussy about the way my steak is cooked but I have to say they cooked it to perfection. Mine came with baked potato in what tasted like Garlic butter and Ro’s came with chips. The steaks were huge and the quality was ridiculously high.


We both had a glass of the Merlot to accompany our meal.

To finish …
I had the Berry crumble and it was worth sacrificing the old diet for I could taste it now oh Lordy. Ronan had the Ice cream I think the poor fella was defeated at this stage to be honest.


The verdict..
The meal was simple food cooked perfectly. The portions are generous. Note: I would concentrate on the steaks. I’m slightly ashamed to say this I loved this so much I had to bring my friend and her fiancée here the very next week yes on Friday. Three days ago!! Quick note… People always say Irish meat is dearer than that of other countries and it is, But no matter where I’ve had a piece of steak nowhere compares to ours. Come on now the only advantage of having all that rain and greenery is so that the cows are grass-fed and the beef is extra tasty… Go Irish xxx TCDub

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