The Oar House

The Oar House

The Oar House

I’m an advocate of Howth, It’s one of my favourite places in  Dublin. Then again I love the sea, and I love seafood so it’s a no brainer why I find myself going back again and again. I’ve never had any problem with any of the restaurants although I usually stick to the restaurants that promote a more of a homely vibe. This leads me to The Oar House which is recognised as one of  Dublin’s finest seafood restaurant.

My first thought was….

Wow this place is busy. Now this is  3 o’clock on a grey miserable Monday afternoon. The type of day that if you had it off you would more than likely to be tucked cosily under a duvet or in a bar sipping on a hot whiskey or three. A lot of restaurants in the city centre aren’t this busy  on a Saturday night never mind a Monday afternoon. I have to say I love the fact that you can see directly into the kitchen via the fish counter.

To start…

I had the muscles in a garlic, cream and wine sauce while Ronan had the  chowder. The chowder was the right consistency of chunky fish pieces in a sauce of love sauce oh yes baby!! I loved my muscles and the portions just a perfect. The bonus was the thick homemade brown bread to mop up the sauce.


To follow…

We both opted for the  trio of fished grill which were  sea bass, mullet and turbot. Oh boy I have to say  this was amazing. We order chips and a salad to accompany this but to be honest the fish spoke for itself, it was so fresh and with just the barest of seasoning. Being from the Caribbean where we are fans of marinating and seasoning, but this was perfect.


My verdict…

The staff were lovely and friendly without being over the top I must say it was the best Monday afternoon I’ve had in  ages. The fish and chips looks to be a hit with the customer there and the portion sizes are man sized. If you need a seafood top up get yourself there.

Thanks for reading .

TCDub xxx

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