The Vintage Kitchen

HELLO HELLO oh hi I have a little secret to share with you. I’ll make it short The Vintage Kitchen on Poolbeg st next to Mulligan’s pub. If you already know about this place then fair play to ya. I love it. I was there something like four times last year such is my addiction. Anyways I’ll break if down for you.

I was kindly gifted a record player and a couple of  records as one of my Christmas presents and I just took that as another excuse for a revisit , as they to allow you to bring in your own records oh and wine !! To be honest when I first heard that I thought it was one of these places that served crappy food and the BYOB was a gimmick to get the customers. We’ve all been there ehem. Well not here the food speaks for itself. It’s seasonal, tasty and pretty to look at.

To start …

I started with the Game risotto while Jenny had the Goats cheese and figs. I thought my risotto was rich and delicious . And to justify me saying they serve fresh seasonal produce our waitress even said to watch out for pieces of the bullet in my meat. Thankfully my meat was shrapnel free.


To follow…

I opted for the lamb shank while Jenny had the poussin. I thought the combination of flavours compliment each other perfectly. Although I must say the presentation of the poussin was impressive. All this was smashed down with a M&S medium priced Red ( Chatea le Roque) .


My thoughts…

This is my kind of restaurant. The staff are friendly, relaxed and helpful. The restaurant is buzzing. The food is cooked to a such a high standard that it’s worth bringing that lovely bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. I personally think €25 for 2 courses is more than value for money. Every time I visit this place it just gets better. I wanted to keep this place to my self but hey I might as well share it with you.

Next Post is the TCDub on tour Barbados

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