TCDub on tour….Barbados

I’m on Dover beach and I have to say to myself it’s the end January and here I am gazing out on the Caribbean Sea. You’ll know from my previous blogs how I saved to get here. However today I’m feeling blue ehm I mean the sea is blue. Anyway apart from Montserrat, Barbados is my favourite Caribbean island. Now all of the islands are take your breath away beautiful but this is one of my favourite because well here’s 6 reasons……

Dover Beach

Dover Beach

1. The people… Sometimes I forget how naturally friendly us Caribbean’s could be. Everybody says hello. They are so happy and proud to share their island with you. My advice is if you accept the hospitality of the locals then you will always want to come back. Let them show you their Barbados. For e.g when we were leaving we were given a gifts from the owner of one of the bars. And another came over and thanked us for our custom and wished us a safe journey. This was a disco bar with hundreds of customers nightly, but I still felt the personal touch.

Jan and Franks cocktail Bar, St lawrences Gap. I   found my new Papi here. Great Coctails

Jan and Franks cocktail Bar, St Lawrence’s Gap. I
found my new Papi here. Great cocktails

2. The music…. When I see Rihanna gyrating on stage and everybody’s so shock I always laugh. What she’s doing is tame compared to some of the local here. Everywhere you turn you’ll hear reggae, soca, calypso, dance hall music etc pumping out of someone’s speaker. Loosen your inhibitions and embrace the beat. And before you leave the island you’ll be shaking your hips for a bag of chips.

3.The food… There’s something for everyone here I heard a story that Mac Donald’s open their store here and it lasted a whole 6 months. This tells you a lot about how food is respected here.  My favourite spot was a bar called Braddies. It was proper Bajan cooking. But the quality in general everywhere is gorgeous. You’ll hear a lot about Oistins fish fry on a Friday. Make your way there the lobster tails are beautiful. The funniest thing I saw was a KFC worker walking across the road to buy fried chicken in Oistin’s. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Another thing if you love fish then this will be your paradise if you don’t there’s all other variety of food. I remembered as a child even if we weren’t cash rich it was impossible to go hungry. The abundant fruit trees I mean mangoes literally fall off the trees here and rot and to think Tescos can charge up to €3.00 for one is mad.  I would say if your there try out as many tropical fruits as you can. My friend Lisa fell in love with Macaroni pie and marinated baked chicken. I’ll post a recipe for  macaroni pie maybe she can leave my mother alone now ha.

Fruit market Bridgetown

Fruit market Bridgetown

4. The History…. I mixed and matched my excursion I had a local man Junior take us to all the parishes {counties} on the island. Like many of the other Caribbean island Barbados has a dark history involving the slave trade. Although I knew this I still found it interesting to learn something new about my past history. What you would find interesting is perhaps the Irish involvement in this. Really interesting but I’ll be writing  blog on this topic in the coming weeks. Another interesting place  you can visit is the only house George Washington stayed in outside the USA.

5.The Nature …There’s a variety of wildlife here monkeys etc but what I really like was  turtles, snorkelling in crystal clear water surrounded by them is one of the most surreal experiences of my life.  So beautiful! There’s several catamarans that will take you out I would recommend Boycetrous and Jammin’.


6. The Alcohol… I thought here in Ireland there was a lot of pubs but nothing can compare to the amount of Rum shops available and they are an  experience. If your here you have to try the local Rums, Mount Gay is probably the most popular. Actually while you’re at it why not visit the factory but maybe bring a wheelchair for when you leaving. I had bottles and bottles of Banks the beer of Barbados. It tastes like a better version of Coors mostly because it’s not as gassy. The rum punch is another one that is a must then you have the cocktails I can go on an on. I have a recipe for a  nice Caribbean rum punch and which I be posting up a little closer to summer.

On the Boycetrous catamaran tour.

On the Boycetrous catamaran tour.

Everybody going to Barbados is going to go for a different experience. I’m a Caribbean girl who was brought up in Dublin. Any time I’m in the Caribbean I will always feel like I’m home. But no matter what island I visit I feel its essential to understand island life. Get tasting the local food. Obviously you can go Celeb spotting or shopping in all the upmarket boutique store. I can’t write about that because that’s not something that interest me. All I’ll say is Barbados is worth visiting , Thanks for reading this. xxx TCDUB

If you would like any further information on any part of this  please don’t hesitate to email me

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