20140507-154206.jpgMy baby sister is eleven years old,

She’s smart, opinionated. crazy, goofy.

A lover of hugs.

I remind her constantly that I love her.

She changes her mind every week about what she wants to be,

that’s alright and I tell her that.

My whole family try to keep her grounded.

Let her be young and innocent.

She has her whole life to be a grown up.


Now imagine this  more than 230 girls are kidnapped,

from their school.

From the ages of 12 to 15.

Taken to be sold .

Why? Well because they were at school of course.

God told the kidnappers to do this.

Their families helpless.

The world looks on. It’s sad but it’s so far away,

We all look on helpless.


More than 230 baby sisters, older sisters, daughters, girls.


Their world torn apart.


If that happened in my sister’s school,

Would anyone notice?

Stupid question. Right?

Imagine how helpless these parents feel?

When the government half heartedly searches for more than 230 girls.

How does this make you feel?

This is not normal! We shouldn’t be numb to this!

We can’t be numb to this. I’m not numb to this!

Are you?

Social media can be used so positively, the hash tag  #bringbackourgirls has been used over

1 million times and is still rapidly growing as people become more aware of the situation in  Nigeria. Increasing pressure on

not only the Nigerian government but governments all over the world to play an active  part in finding and bringing home the girls.


Thanks for reading







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