20140618-104439-38679420.jpgWell where do I start. I love Tapas when I’m in Spain and there are some Spanish restaurants here in Dublin that are doing it right. So when it was suggested that we head for a bite in Zaragoza I was curious. Yes it was a name I associated with a Spanish football team so I got that part. But with so many restaurants now throwing out the name Tapas like it’s a  new buzz word I was sceptical.
And I believe there are some that are using it as another way of dragging  more money out of our already worn pockets. I will name no names, small portions big prices.

Anyway upon entering Zaragoza I thought the interior looked a little modern for what I would usually associate with a traditional Spanish restaurant and I was ready to be disappointed. How wrong was I. Although it was quite spacious,  the two lads on the guitars had me already tapping my feet with their Spanish twist on already popular songs. I loved it .The atmosphere was set.

It was good to see I wasn’t the only one buzzing from my three cocktails on an empty stomach (Thanks to The Vintage Cocktail Club). There was a definite buzz in the place. I’m going to have to bullet point what we had because it was quiet a bit.


It all started it with

  • Bread of course,
  • Again then it was bread with  green olive tapenade,
  • Gambas al ajillo- prawn in chilli and garlic oil
  • Brochetas de rape- monkfish & smoked bacon skewers
  • mini pig burger
  • 5oz striploin steak  with pink peppercorn sauce
  • Chicken  wings x2
  • chips


By the way there was three of us. The portions are generous and although it was suggested that we chose two dishes each we struggled. There was still a bowl of wings left when we were leaving , which I’m yearning for now. My favourite was the monkfish and the Chicken wings weirdly enough ha ha. But  believe me it was a hard pick. Actually I have to tell you about the wings,  three words sweet, tangy and crispy. I love a good sauce me.

20140618-102639-37599403.jpg                   Olive Tapenade, steak, Prawns


Overall verdict…

The staff made it for me  because lets face it, the service is just as important to me as the food. I love a bit of banter and the waitresses were full of it. Friendly but not too  in your face.  Perfect Saturday night service. I thought the food was tasty, I love Tapas as I’m a picker. The value for money was  very fair, it all came to €40 ahead including wine. I asked the girls what they thought of the place in one word. There replies were yum and mixed crowd mine was fresh. Says it all really.

Thanks for reading  TCDub xx


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