An Unlikely Duchess

20140704-181744-65864055.jpgI am a romantic. Plain and simple. I guess it’s programmed into me after reading so many Happily ever after stories. I don’t know , I can’t help it. I was obsessed with Carrie’s and Mr Big. My Ideal man is the rather dashing Mr Darcy.Maybe that’s why I’m as single as a bag of chips! Anyway to keep this post from sounding like an AD from Plenty of Fish, I think I should stay on point here. Nadine Millard I met you at my Godson’s birthday party last year and  I found you absolutely hilarious to say the least.You know why? Little did I know that a few months later I would be on a beach in Barbados reading a book that you’ve written. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

An unlikely Duchess is addictive to say the least.  It is a Regency romance drama (think Pride and Prejudice). Did I say this is Nadine’s very first novel. I couldn’t put it down.  Anyway back to the book I ‘ll give you a quick run down and try not to give too much away. Edward the Duke of Harttridge is coerced by his mother to accompany her to visit her late husband’s best friend and his wife  (The earl of Ranford)  in Ireland. Little did he know that his deceased father and the Earl of Ranford made an agreement that there first-born daughter (Caroline) and Son (Edward) should be betrothed to each other. Having quickly realised this, Edward objects strongly to this and prepares to return to London. He subsequently meets lady Rebecca the Earls the tomboy fouled mouth youngest daughter and this is where it gets interested.

Nadine paints hilarious picture of how these two enter an  unlikely romance. I couldn’t help but root for them. When your surrounded by Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter,  etc. It’s nice to taken back to a time when to be alone with a boyo is a big no no. And every meeting is chaperoned so you can actually get to know each other. I liked this book and think its a perfect escape. Nadine a big to salute to you girl. You actually made a show of me laughing to myself on a plane while reading this. Great first effort and I’m hand on my heart looking forward to what happens with Caroline in the next book. Hurry up already!!

Thanks for Reading

TCDub xx

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